Monday, 26 June 2017

🌼🌻 time to stop and take a breath..🌾

The school holidays has started and I'm going to spend quality time with my little boy and giving him my undivided attention! I do LOVE school holidays, even when I was in school! LOL 

I'll be off line for the next 10 days until the 5th of July however, my shop will still be opened but please bear in mind I won't be able to process any physical orders until after the 5th.  E-patterns will still be available for immediate download.  

Before I log off, I leave you with my July's wallpaper calendar for your PCs and you've probably guessed my July models are my latest girl Ava, her Tiny Ted and Miss Candice Candy Pop!

Once I return, I shall have Tiny Ted's pattern and kit available for you too...please stay tuned and looking forward to seeing what you guys have gotten up to when I get back!  :D


Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Miss Candice Candy Pop...

You've probably guessed I had a few sewing projects going on at the same time as how else would I manage to get another bunny done in zippy time!! :D

Please meet my new creation "MISS CANDICE CANDY POP"!! 
She’s sweet as macaroons. That is mighty sweet in my opinion!!
She can’t do no wrong as she’s super nice...
Afterall, like all little girls, she’s made with sugar and spice! 

Candice Candy Pop is now reserved. 
If you like to make your own Candice, she was created from my Rapipi pattern.
Just click here to talk you straight there.  Rapipi's e-pattern is also available for instant download! :D

Happy sewing!! 

Monday, 19 June 2017

Tiny Ted for Ava

This week,  I've been designing a tiny teddy for my Blythe dolls, especially making one to travel with my new girl Ava.  Although I've used Sassy fabric which make it easier to turn right side out the tiny pieces I do find it much more difficult making smaller bears than the larger ones!!  

I am rather pleased with how this little bear has turned out.  Tiny Ted I've named him!

Now he's ready to travel with Ava.  I hope they will be very happy together!  For those who wish to make your own Tiny Ted, I shall create his pattern for you! :DHugs

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Ava sees butterflies...

The past week, I've been working on my no.7 girl.  This time, I've given her a butterfly theme...
She has green and sparkly glitter lids and luscious long eye lashes.   I created four eye chips for her but my favourite is the one with her seeing butterflies...I can get lost in them myself!! :D


She has lovely long blonde hair and it's a little difficult to see however I've given her silver freckles...

I've just put her together and have also finished her dress.  Next is a teddy bear to keep her company!

Ava's dress is also available for pre-order here:
Please allow between 1 to 2 weeks to ship from time of order.

Ava will be available for adoption soon, as soon as her furry friend is ready!! :D

Saturday, 10 June 2017

it's another WEB facelift!!

Yes, crazy me is at it again...

I've just given JennyLovesBenny website another facelift.  The green was making me sad...I've concluded no matter how much I age, PINK is my colour!  Always makes me happy and that's what I want JLB to portray...endless Happiness!! πŸ’—

The website has all my patterns on there,  hard copy and PDF formats except for Jenny Bear but am working on that.  The problem with computers and software is each time I upgrade or get a new computer, I also have to upgrade or buy new software else they don't work!!  

There is now The Bear Shop and The Doll Shop!! :D

Freight within Australia is FREE and all is in AUD$.  It is now also mobile friendly so you can even order through your iPhone.

All physical items which are currently listed in my Etsy shop will remain there however, newbies will be listed in my website unless it is being Auctions.  

I no longer have a gallery page as there was too many babies to put up but you can still view them in my Flickr and for more recent ones in my Instagram. 

Please feel free to drop me a message if you have any trouble with the site and I will endeavour to fix it asap.  

Thank you for being part of JennyLovesBenny!!  I will try to build on JennyLovesBenny to bring you more smiles and cuddles!

Have a super fab weekend and for those in Vic, an awesome long weekend!! Yeah!! :D