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🐰 Bunny fever!

Thank you all for visiting my 2018 Easter Bunnies.  They have all been adopted! A BIG THANK YOU to all JLB mums who's given my furry babies a home.
JLB studio is never without a rabbit for too long.  We're all a bit hopping mad around here!! LOL :P In the past week, I've just finished another anime bunny...please meet Custard who is also running away to the circus! Little do they know, rabbits don't belong to the circus! I think?... I can't recall ever seeing rabbits at a circus but please do let me know if that is not so!

Custard is now listing at  and if you prefer, she is also in my Etsy shop at:
Don't forget, you can always make your own anime Bunny which will be even more special made by you. Here is the link to my anime bunny pattern:
Please feel free to email …

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